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Types of Silverado Special-Edition Trucks for Sale in Montana

By Don Bach on May 22, 2017 8:47:54 AM

Chevy Silverados in Billings MT

In Billings, we know our trucks. The Silverado is a household name for reliable trucks for sale in Montana, and it improves with each new edition. 

You may be aware that we have a fleet of excellent Silverados at Denny Menholt Chevrolet, but you might not be aware of the special editions available for every type of truck driver.

Whether for work, for hauling equipment, or just for play, every truck enthusiast has their preferences. Right now, your Chevrolet Montana dealer has a variety of special-edition Silverados to match the truck style you want. 

Here are just some of the special-edition Silverado trucks for sale in Billings.



Trucks for Sale in Montana with Some Variety

Chevrolet Montana

1. Midnight Edition

Everyone has a dark side. The Silverado Midnight Edition gives off the power you want in a truck, along with off-road capabilities that give it an edge. Features of the Silverado Midnight Edition include:

  • 18" wheels
  • A bold, full-black body
  • Traction for off-road handling
  • Z71 badging


trucks for sale in Montana

2. High Desert Edition

Reliability is an underrated quality, yet it's what the High Desert is best known for. With its new innovative features and cargo protection, the truck offers a smooth ride no matter the road conditions. Features of the High Desert include: 

  • Sport bar with sail panel
  • Premier storage system
  • Lighted side storage boxes
  • 20" wheels with all-season tires
  • Hard folding Tonneau cover
  • Magnetic Ride Control*


Chevrolet Montana

3. Realtree® Edition

This is a truck for those who live for the great outdoors. The Silverado Realtree® Edition** offers interior and exterior Realtree® graphics that make you feel at one with nature. This truck is meant for all terrain types and includes features like:

  • Embroidered head restraints and camouflage accents
  • Off-road assist steps
  • Rancho shocks
  • Black leather interior
  • Bold Z71 badging


Special-Edition Trucks for Sale in Billings

Here in Billings, we know how much people care about their trucks. Every driver has a truck type that identifies with who they are as a person, and it's our job to help them find it.

These are only some of the special-edition Silverados that Chevrolet Montana has to offer. You can check out even more editions here.

Stop by our store to find the truck that's right for you. We have a variety of special editions that can appeal to all different tastes. 


* Available on High Country models.

**Preproduction model shown.


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